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2022 Sucked Funny Personalized Christmas Ornament

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2022 Sucked along with the past few years, but Yay Christmas is here so lets bring a little humor to the end of the year by personalizing one of these funny Christmas Ornaments.

Both 2020 and 2021 were rough, but 2022 wasn't that much better, am I right? Get a few chuckles and laughs with these fun ornaments that can either be personalized on the 2nd side or have the design on both sides. Gives you the opportunity to personalize for your own tree or give as a Secret Santa or Kris Kringle Gift. 

Side 1 is Standard with the 2022 Sucked But Yay Christmas with the Santa Hat image and the Name you put in the text box
For Side 2, Enter any text and choose a font for your personalization.
If you don't want side 2 personalized, leave the text areas blank and the 2022 sucked image will be printed on both sides of the ornament.

Personalized 2022 Sucked Ornaments are available in 3" reinforced plastic plus stem and 2-7/8" porcelain. Both styles ship with a chord for hanging.  Each Custom Christmas 

Custom Funny 2022 ornaments usually ship in approximately 3-5 days But please place holiday orders early to ensure stock allocation and timely receipt.

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