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Palette DIY Wood Name Tag Artist Palette

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Artists and Crafters, create your own custom name tag on our wood art palette forms. Especially created for you to "Do It Yourself", these custom wood cut art palettes are available in two sizes for you to paint, mark and embellish as you see fit. 

Sizes available -2." H x 2.75"W" Palette,  2.5" H x 3.50"W Palette  If you need a custom size, please email us or use the live chat at the bottom of the website.

Palette shaped tags are untreated natural solid wood cut from solid birch. Some smoke residue may be present on tag and can be easily sanded off or painted over. Have fun painting, using markers glue or whatever you like to decorate your tags. Enjoy!
++Be advised that discounts for quantity apply to tags only and not backings
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