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Ballroom Dancers Personalized Clipboards

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Do you want the imprint on the top (clip side) or bottom of the clipboard

Depending on the design of the clipboard, this is either the first (top) text line or on the left

Depending on the design of the clipboard, this is either the 2nd (bottom)text line or on the right

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Custom Ballroom Dancer Design Clipboards

Do you need to carry around step sheets? Dancer Scores? Have a sign in sheet for your group class or Friday night social? Why use a generic clipboard or worse, nothing!  Personalize one of these classy design ballroom clipboards with any studio and dance teachers name or custom text. 

Available in three sizes and two clip styles gives you the choice of just the right size for your needs. Contact us for multiple clipboard orders for competition judges and we'll put your logo on them too!

Estimated production time for Ballroom Dance Clipboards is approximately 3-5 business days.

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