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Baby Birth Keepsake Plate Personalized With Photo and Birth Information

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Personalized Baby Birth Porcelain Photo Plates

What a perfect gift for the new baby and parents. Capture those first moments or days and create a beautiful custom keepsake plate with the baby's picture and their birth stats.

The new parents or grandparents will love displaying the little ones photo and information about their birth in the nursery or family - living room. 
Also check out our optional easel plate stands for ease of showing off one of these lovely porcelain baby photo plates.

Available in 2 sizes:
7.5" Single Gold Band -  and (limited quantity on Double Gold Band)
10.75" Double Gold Band 
Made of Porcelain Ceramic and can be displayed on a table with an easel or mounted on a wall. 

Please send uncropped high resolution images with plenty of background around the baby so we can place it properly in a circular image area.  If sending professional photographers photo, please be sure to also send a permission release.

black wood easel plate stand
Rosewood Easel Stand for Photo Plates
 Black or Rosewood Easel Stands available Here

Personalized Photo Plates generally take 3-5 business days to create. 

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