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Clipboards -Caduceus Personalized Clipboards For Doctors Or Nurses

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Do you want the imprint on the top (clip side) or bottom of the clipboard

Depending on the design of the clipboard, this is either the first (top) text line or on the left

Depending on the design of the clipboard, this is either the 2nd (bottom)text line or on the right

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Custom Caduceus Design Clipboards

Personalized for Doctors or Nurses, the caduceus insignia represents medicine, and is perfect for medical students or as a graduation gift, for their office or making rounds.

These medical theme clipboards with your choice of durable clips are great for holding and writing on patient charts, class notes or even holding daily receipts or sign in sheets.

Use the form to choose size, clip style and let us know how you want these sturdy custom printed clipboards set up.

Estimated production time for Caduceus Clipboards is approximately 3-5 business days.

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