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House and Key Shaped Key Ring Personalized for Closing Gift

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--------------------Side 1------------------

House Shape Area - ex: Upload your Logo or input your Real Estate Name / Business Name instead

If No Logo - Add your business name, contact address, phone or any custom text for the House Shape Area

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Side 2 House Area is standard with Home Sweet Home image plus your personalization


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Add to the excitement of handing your property buyer the key to their new home with this lovely key ring in the shape of a house and key all in one.  We all know that closing day can be a mix of nerves and excitement, so go the extra step for your client and make a splash with a little extra marketing for you too!

Personalized on one side with your logo or name in the house and website or phone number on the key portion and on the other side, our home sweet home image, your buyers name(s) and the address to their new home.

As a bonus, these personalized Real Estate Key Rings also help you keep all your keys for the houses that are going into closing clearly identifiable and organized on your key holder. 

Use the form above to let us know how you want your key set up along with your color scheme and we'll get this key ring produced in approximately 2-4 days and shipped out to you.   Local buyers can arrange to pick up to get it sooner!
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