Photo and Text Submission – The Photo Gift

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Photo and Text Submission

  • When submitting a photo for your product, please only send crisp, clear, high resolution photos.  Sometimes the product is more for the sentiment than it is the print quality and we understand that.  If you are submitting a low quality image and want it on the product, no matter what, then please let us know that you understand the photo is not great but you want it anyway.

  • DO NOT submit any images (OR REQUEST ANY TEXT) that may be copyrighted or trademarked. Only submit images you own legal rights to. We will not knowingly violate anyone's copyright or trademark. That means---(and not limited to) No, Ball Teams, Celebrity Photos, Memes, Vehicles, Fan Art, Cartoon Characters, Band Logos, MLM associate text or images (unless your company gives you rights to use for marketing)   low quality images you downloaded from the internet, professional photos without a release, etc etc etc. If you submit these images because you have permission/legal rights please send us your release and permission to use.

    • Any order canceled as the result of copyrighted imagery submitted will incur a 15% surcharge deducted from your refund, so don't do it! Don't try to slip it through, we have employees of all ages and can usually easily detect well known figures/images.

  • Please send images that have plenty of background room around the main subject so we may properly place the image on the product.  Each item requires a small amount of bleed off room so your image will lose some outside imagery so try not to get too close to important content.  Send full uncropped images. We will crop according to your instructions.  We may at time need to add borders or do some creative cropping to ensure your image is best represented on the product.

  • You may request a Mock Sample Preview sent to you via email prior to production. (in the additional info box)

  • If requested please check both your inbox and spam folder. Delays in your response will delay your order. Orders are left on hold until any requested art has been approved. You are entitled to three free edits to your design. Please be as descriptive as possible in the additional info box when placing your order as to what you envision.  Preferences not indicated are left to designers choice.

  • Keep in mind the orientation / ratio of the product you are ordering when submitting images.

  • Business Logos - Please Note: We Do Not Color Match.  All Monitors show colors differently. What we see may not be what you see.  Ink profiles will differ from your monitor resolution as well. Also note that different print mediums show color differently, the same color will present differently on fabric than it will on paper than it will on metal.   Your item colors will be close to what we see on our monitor.  Of course, Red will be red, Blue will be Blue etc, but shades may differ.  If you are placing a large order with a logo that must have specific pms colors you should order a sample first and specify the pms colors you're trying to match, it might also be wise to send us via u.s. mail any material you may have with your printed logo so we can try to match.

  •  We love custom work and will do our best to put your vision into action.  Your design creation is not automated. All orders are created by human designers. Our staff is happy to chat with you, read your special instructions, and enjoy the creation process along with you.  We create your photo gifts as if we were giving them ourselves so your thoughts are important to us. Use our chat feature or email us.