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Cheerleader Scrunchie Jar Personalized Corked Jars

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For some odd reason, your Cheerleader's scrunchies are always ending up all over the house, am I right?  These cool cheer split design corked jars give them a place to store their scrunchies, rubber wrist bands and more and with a little added fun since they're personalized their name or custom text. 

Of course, this adorable Cheerleader Split design corked jar is not only for scrunchies, you can use them for anything really, sucking candy, paper clips, hair beads and more.
Your custom text and personal use makes this a one of a kind unique personalized cheerleader gift.

The Cheer Spirit corked porcelain cork top jars measure  approximately 3.75"h x 3.25 diameter with a 2.5" opening. The Jar is dishwasher safe (the cork - being wood - is not)

Fill out the form to:
Personalize with any custom text, choose a color and font for your text. (the font on our sample is not in the choice list so if you like our set up, just put as sample)
Use the additional info box for any custom request that differs from our sample set up.

Estimated production time for cheerleader scrunchie jar is 3 business days.

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