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Child's Play Credit Card Wallet ID

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Fake Play Credit Cards for Kids

Looking for a unique gift for your child? Along with just being pure fun, these Kiddy Credit Cards are a great way to teach and play for your child at the same time.

Our exclusive edition Star Cards from our own Star Bank - where you're child is the star - are perfect as wallet id cards.

If your child has a play grocery store, these play credit cards (with or without their photo) help them check out with ease.  Kids want to be just like Mommy & Daddy so when your child comes shopping with you, let them pay at the register with their credit card (along with yours of course) I'm sure a quick wink to the cashier will encourage them to play along. 

These toy id cards for kids are the exact size and shape as a real store credit card. 

[Want your own family bank? perhaps with your name or family crest? Chat or email us to create a custom credit card for you]

To fill out the form

  • Use the top line for the credit card number (16 numbers - 4 groups of 4)  If you leave that area blank, we will make up a number.
  • Use the Bottom line for your child's name.
  • Upload a photo or digital image -Please DO NOT crop your photo. We will crop. (if you don't want a photo just skip and we'll fill that area with a star - see samples above
  • Use the additional info box for the security code on the back or any info you want to give us.

custom kids fake driver's licenses
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Production time for id cards is 2-5 business days

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