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Drink Wine, Eat Snow Christmas Wine Bottle Gift Bag

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When you were a kid, did you used to love letting the snowflakes hit your tongue? Would you do that as an adult? or would you need a few glasses of wine to bring out that inner kid?
Well, these fun Let's Drink Wine and Eat Snow Wine Bags with a cute snowman letting the snow flakes lighten on his tongue is the perfect compliment to any bottle of wine for friends that you'd love to be kids with again. 

Bring over your favorite wine in this bag and invite them to go outside with you and eat snow, have a snowball fight or just play a game of trivia to bring back fond memories. Go ahead, you know you want to.... Click to order and bring out that inner kid this winter. 

Eat Snow Winter Snowman Wine bags are made of 100% poly canvas and come with a Twine Tie. Measures 14" h x 6" w. Fits most standard wine bottles.  Machine wash and dry.
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