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Lacrosse Flaming Ball Personalized Christmas Ornament

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This fierce flaming Lacrosse Ball is one of the top picks from Lacrosse Players when it comes to illustrated and personalized gifts.  Personalized with any text on top and bottom this cool Lacrosse design is available on Porcelain and Plastic Christmas Tree Ornaments. Perfect gift for your Lacrosse Player, their teammates and even Coach.

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Choose Material (Plastic or Porcelain)
Top will be arched unless otherwise indicated in the additional info box  ex: LACROSSE
Center ex: Brian
Bottom ex: #15

Personalized Flaming Lacrosse Ball and Stick Ornaments are available in 3" reinforced plastic plus stem and 2-7/8" porcelain. Both styles ship with a chord for hanging.  Each Custom Christmas Ornament is printed on both sides with the same image.

Custom Lacrosse ornaments usually ship in approximately 3-5 days But please place holiday orders early to ensure stock allocation and timely receipt.

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