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Megaphone Shaped Cheerleaders Photo Desk Award

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Perfect to celebrate your Cheer Squad, these custom Cheerleader Megaphone Desk Awards come equipped with wood base for display. Whether small or large, displayed wide or tall, these cheer squad trophies can be personalized with a team or individual photo. 

Use the form to:
Choose a size  5.25" x 3.5" x .25"  or 10.25" x 6.25" x .25"
Choose Orientation - Let us know if you want the megaphone to stand tall or wide
Upload your photo (Please send an original uncropped high resolution photo with plenty of room around the subject for proper placement)
Enter Text - Text placement is dependant on the photo you send, but if you have any preference please let us know in the additional info box.
Select a font
Indicate what color you would like for your text.
Use the Additional Info Box for any preference to set up  Tall / Wide, Text Placement etc. Please be as descriptive as possible. We will send a mock proof and we can adjust from there.

There are limited quantities available for the Megaphone Desk Award so If you need quantity, please live chat or email us first.

Approximated production time is 2-4 business days

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