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Menorah with Name Personalized Coffee Mug

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Your Name Menorah Mugs

Your name is the base to this fun colorful Menorah / Hanukiah to make a great gift for any night of Hanukkah. Personalize for Friends and Family or just for yourself.
These custom mugs use your name to cradle the Hanukkah candles for a unique holiday coffee mug.

You can have the Hanukiah with your name on both sides of the mug or choose to put a family name and message on the opposite side.

Using the personalization form for this mug:

  • 1. Enter the name you want at the base of the candles
  • Use the additional text line for any 2nd side message or put Same as side 1 to have the menorah with your name repeated on the opposite side of the mug.
  •  Use the additional info box to
       c1.  Let us know if this is for a Left or Right Handed drinker.  Personalized Text    will face the drinker.
       c2. If you want your personalized text a specific color or font.

     Please be as descriptive as possible with any and all comments / custom requests.

Hanukkah Menorah with Name Mugs are available in both 11 ounce and 15 ounce

Estimated production time for mugs is 3-5 business days but around Hanukkah time please order early. 

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