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Personalized Caduceus Insignia Luggage Tags and Bag Tags

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Side 1 Name (custom text) Add 1 line of text such as your name All address info will go on the 2nd side

All Side 2 Text will be placed over photo that is light (watermarked) unless otherwise noted in the additonal info section.


Personalized Luggage Tags and Bag Tags for Doctors and other Medical Professionals custom printed with Caduceus Insignia, your name, and your contact information.

Personalizing one of these five sizes of bag tags gives you an aide to easily recognizing your bag at airport luggage carousels, the gym, and more. Grab your bag and be on the go quickly to get on to important things  (like that golf game! <wink>)

Choose from five sizes of sturdy reinforced plastic and use the form to let us know how you want it set up. (size shown in the caduceus sample image is a 2.75 x 4 Luggage Tag)

Estimated production time for bag tags is 3-5 business days


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